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iLab Cores at Johns Hopkins University

Cores at The Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Bloomberg Flow Cytometry and Immunology Core

Tricia Nilles, MS 410-955-4825
Germ-free Mouse Core

Cynthia Sears, MD 410-614-8378
MMI Common Equipment and Glass Washing Facility

Anne Jedlicka 443-287-5967
Malaria Mosquito & Parasite Core

George Dimopoulos, Ph.D. 443-287-0128
Non-iLab, SPH Core Facilities

Kate Calvin

Cores at The Johns Hopkins University Institute for Clinical & Translational Research

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
ICTR Adult JHH & Bayview Core

The goal of the ICTR JH and BV Adult Cores is to provide specialized personnel, equipment, and rooms to allow investigators to conduct innovative, high-quality, safe, efficient and cost-effective clinical and translational research.

Nicole Cooper (410) 550-1880
ICTR Cardiovascular Imaging and Exercise Physiology and Body Composition Core

The overall mission of the Cardiovascular Core at the Bayview Site is to provide outstanding research support to investigators requesting exercise and body composition and Cardiovascular Imaging support.

Nicole Cooper 410-550-1880
ICTR Core for Clinical Research Data Acquisition (CCDA) Consulting Service

The ICTR Core for Clinical Research Data Acquisition (CCDA) assists researchers with accessing clinical data for research purposes. The CCDA is staffed with experienced data analysts who will assist you with access to data while also helping you comply with Data Trust privacy & security regulations.


The overarching goal of the ICTR Pediatric Outpatient Core is to provide specialized personnel, equipment, and rooms to allow investigators to conduct innovative, high-quality, safe, efficient and cost-effective clinical and translational research.

Nicole Cooper (410) 550-1880
ICTR Research Nutrition

Research Nutrition - Bayview (410) 550-1768
ICTR The Clinical Research Core Laboratory

Non-iLab, JHU ICTR Core Facilities

Nicole Cooper

Cores at The Johns Hopkins University Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Integrated Imaging Center

J. Michael McCaffery (410) 516-3321
Non-iLab JHU KSAS Facilities

Jerry Hicks 410-516-6418

Cores at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
ACCM Confocal Microscope

George McNamara 305-764-2081
Applied Imaging Mass Spectrometry - AIMS Core / Service Center

Kristine Glunde, Ph.D. 410 614 2705
Bayview Immunomics Core (BIC)

We offer flow cytometry services including multi-parameter analysis and cell sorting, multiplex based detection of soluble mediators using the MesoScale system and genomic services such as RNA cell/tissue sources and the generation of libraries for next generation sequencing.

Behavioral Core of the School of Medicine

Biostatistics, Epidemiology And Data Management (BEAD) Core

Laura Prichett

The mission of the Center for Translational Molecular Imaging (CTMI) is to serve as an Academic Research Organization (ARO) to develop and provide state-of-the-art imaging and therapeutic agents to address unmet medical needs to bring precision medicine within the reach of patients.

Center for Infection and Inflammation Imaging Research (Ci3R)

The Center for Infection and Inflammation Imaging Research is an interdisciplinary core center that provides state-of-the art small animal imaging equipment, including PET, SPECT, CT and US mainly focusing on the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of infectious and inflammatory processes. 

Sanjay K Jain, M.D. (410) 502-8241
Computational Biology Consulting Core

Offers state-of-the-art bioinformatics analyses of sequencing data and consulting for a variety of genomics and sequencing-based applications, including transcriptomic, CHiP-seq, whole-genome and whole-exome, and metagenomic experiments.

Steven Salzberg, Ph.D. (410)614-6112
Eukaryotic Tissue Culture Facility

Sandra Beatriz Gabelli 410-614-4145
Express Radiology Research Lab

Virginia Bogdan (410) 614-0105
Genetic Resources Core Facility Biorepository & Cell Center

The GRCF provides research expertise, products & services to study the human genome, taking your sample from collection through cell line (including authentication), storage, isolated DNA, methylation analysis, sequencing (Sanger or NGS) & genotyping, while providing all the reagents your lab needs.

Genetic Resources Core Facility DNA Services

The GRCF provides research expertise, products & services to study the human genome, taking your sample from collection through cell line (including authentication), storage, isolated DNA, methylation analysis, sequencing (Sanger or NGS) & genotyping, while providing all the reagents y...

High Throughput Screening (ChemCORE)

Provides HTS services with FDA approved drugs and small molecular libraries on 96/384/1536 well plates, HTS consultation and grant support letter, instrument and automation equipment training and flexible self-service access, and cherry-picking Human ORF and Human/Mouse shRNA clones.

Jun Liu (410)955-4619
IGM Computing Core

Elvin Hsu (667)208-7189
JHBUI Biorepository and Translational Research Service Center

Brandy Yeater 410-502-4962
JHU Slide Production Core for Microscopy

Produces Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) passivated glass and quarts slides and coverslips, for single molecule imaging or other purposes. We also offer the option of spiking in functionalized PEG (such as biotin-PEG), in order to facilitate specific binding of ligands.

Aditi Biswas 217-552-0804
Johns Hopkins Drug Discovery Group

Provides a wide range of consultation and laboratory services in the area of translational research including medicinal chemistry, assay development, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, and animal pharmacology.

MRB Molecular Imaging Service Center and Cancer Functional Imaging Core

The MRB Molecular Imaging Service Center and Cancer Functional Imaging Core, and its satellite facility in CRB2-LB03, provides comprehensive molecular and functional imaging (MR, PET, SPECT, CT, optical, microscopy, ultrasound) to support the in vivo imaging research needs of investigators.

Dr. Zaver M. Bhujwalla 410-502-0174
Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Core

Robert N. Cole, PhD 410-614-6968
Microscope Facility (MicFac)

MicFac Staff 410-614-6890
Molecular Determinants Core (MDC) at Johns Hopkins All Children's Center

David Graham 410-955-9770
Non-iLab, JHU SOM Core Facilities

Shawn Franckowiak 2-0484
Oncology Tissue Services (SKCCC)

Helen Fedor 410 614-1660
Phenocore, Phenotyping and Pathology Core

The Phenotyping Core provides translational animal research expertise, pathology testing, collaborations, and training; specializing in Clinical Pathology (Hematology, Clinical Chemistry), Histopathology (pre GLP, GLP); and other preclinical testing.

Cory Brayton, DVM 410-502-3050**
Precision Medicine Analytics Platform

Aalok Shah 667-208-7457
Reference Histology

Marcia Mayfield 410-955-3620
Response Evaluation Criteria In Solid Tumors (RECIST) and Special Imaging Reads/Non-RECIST Response Evaluations

Since 2006, Johns Hopkins Department of Radiology has offered special research radiologic reads, including reads according to various RECIST guidelines, as outlined in research cancer trial protocols.

Gale Christensen (443)287-2676
Ross Flow Cytometry

Ross flow cytometry core: Ross flow cytometry core has state-of-the-art flow cytometers for high-speed cell sorting and multiple-color flow analysis. We offer expertise to research community at JHU for experimental design, sample preparation, and flow cytometry data analysis.

Zack Wang, Ph.D. 410-614-0041
The Cardiovascular Physiology and Surgery Core

The Rheumatic Disease Research Core Center (RDRCC)

Transcriptomics and Deep Sequencing Core

Haiping Hao, PhD (443) 287-9056
Transgenic Mouse Core

The Transgenic Core offers a range of services to the Hopkins community to assist researchers with developing new mouse models, importing models and cryopreserving existing mouse lines.

Chip Hawkins 410-614-3858

Cores at The Johns Hopkins University Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Non-iLab, JHU SKCCC Core Facilities

Jeff Smith
SKCCC Animal Resources

Provides husbandry, veterinary care, research support and research consultation for the University.  See web site at

Sherrie Hawkes 410-955-2075
SKCCC Central Processing Core

The SKCCC Bio-Specimen Repository (also known as the Specimen Accessioning Core [SAC]) provides a centralized resource to clinical trial study teams for logistics support, and collection, processing, storage and shipment of biological specimens (blood, marrow, tissue) from clinical trial patients.

Robin Stewart 410 955-8975
SKCCC IRAT Core (Image Response Assessment Team)

Michael Jacobs
SKCCC Immune Monitoring Core (formerly Human Immunology)

The Immune Monitoring Core provides services (Luminex/ELISpot/Fluorospot) to evaluate immune responses (function and frequency) for clinical and preclinical studies.  Competency/proficiency assessment, technical and QA review provides high quality reproducible reports/data to investigators.

Christopher Thoburn 410-955-8568
SKCCC Analytical Pharmacology Core

Operates under Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and provides expertise in pharmacological trial design, bioanalytical method development and implementation, isolation and identification of drug metabolites, protein binding studies, pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modeling, and data interpretation.

Michelle Rudek 410-614-6321
SKCCC Cell Imaging Facility

The Cell Imaging Core Facilities provides cell imaging technologies, including light and fluorescence microscopy, stereo and confocal microscopy, infrared imaging, time lapse, and laser microdissection. Images can be acquired using a variety of cameras and analyzed with analysis software programs.

Lillian Dasko-Vincent 410-614-4414
SKCCC Common Equipment Core

Provides access to various pieces of shared equipment within CRBI, CRBII and Bond Street complex.  Equipment includes; autoclaves, film processors, real-time PCR, Cyro Storage and Liquid N2 Facility for individual cryo units.

Erika Weaver 410 502-9544
SKCCC Cytogenetics Core Facility

The Cytogenetics Core Facility offers classical cytogenetic services including metaphase chromosome preparation and karyotyping of G-banded chromosomes, as well as molecular techniques, such as fluorescence in situ hybridization, on fresh and formalin fixed paraffin embedded specimens.

Laura Morsberger 410-955-1258
SKCCC Experimental Irradiator Core

Provides radiation services for in vitro and vivo experiments. Services include training in the operation radiation machines, advice to users on the design, dosimetry and best machine for their application, operating the machines when necessary, and maintenance and repair of the resources.

Esteban Velarde
SKCCC Experimental and Computational Genomics Core

We support investigators as they integrate sophisticated genomic experiments and bioinformatics analyses into their work. Services include microarray, next generation sequencing, bioinformatics analysis, and genomics/bioinformatics educational courses and workshops. 

Lauren Ciotti 443-287-7341
SKCCC Flow Cytometry Core

Flow cytometry and high-speed cell sorting (up to 15-color), multiplex biomarker measurement, and quantitative digital droplet PCR services and instrumentation.  Expert consultation in experimental design, troubleshooting, and training; contract research. Highly experienced staff. CLIA-certified. 

SKCCC Glassware Washing Core

This Core is for employees of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology (MMI) only. The Core provides training, support and maintenance of MMI Departmental lab equipment that is shared by MMI investigators and their labs. The Core als...

Erika Weaver 410.502.9544
SKCCC Microarray Core

Our core provides genomic alteration analysis using DNA micoarray techniques. Genomic alterations include differential gene expression, copy number variation and DNA methylation changes.

Wayne Yu 410-502-7970

Cores at The Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
WSE Center for Brain Imaging Science

CBIS covers the costs of computer room infrastructure including uninterrupted power supply,support and equipment, maintenance data storage, as well as, offers fee-based image analysis services, built upon cloud-based system (MriCloud), which utilizes national super-computing systems.

WSE Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute (HEMI)

The Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute (HEMI) provides global intellectual leadership to advance the fundamental science associated with materials and structures under extreme conditions and demonstrating extreme performance.

Scott McGhee 410-516-7128
WSE Manufacturing (Machine Shop)

WSE The Materials Characterization and Processing Core (MCP)

The MCP contains cutting edge electron microscopy, ion beam, micro computed tomography, and X-ray diffraction instrumentation for characterization of both hard and soft materials. In addition, processing of both soft and hard materials is being developed to serve the Hopkins research community.

WSE Whitaker Microfabrication Lab

Other cores at Johns Hopkins University

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
BKI MANAFEST and Sequencing Core

Kellie Smith 410-614-0198
NCRL (Echo Lab)

David Havrilla, RDCS (410) 614-3650
Ross Imaging Center

George McNamara 305-764-2081

non-iLab Cores at Johns Hopkins University

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Basic Science Network Office

Jim Hull, MS 410-614-4901
Biophysical NMR

Ananya Majumdar, PhD 410-516-8670
Biostat Consulting

Gayane Yenokyan, PhD 410-502-3828
Center for Image-Guided Animal Therapy

CIGAT performs diagnostic imaging (MRI, CT, SPECT/CT, PET/CT) in veterinary patients. In addition, CIGAT performs veterinary clinical trials in client-owned pets with spontaneous disease of devices, drugs, and other therapies as a bridge to translation from mice to man of new treatments.

Rebecca Krimins 410-502-7325
Center for Inherited Disease

Jane Romm, MS 410-550-7042
Centralized Services for Metabolism Research

Susan Aja, PhD 443-287-7671
Chemistry Mass Spec

Provides mass spectrometry molecular chemical characterization services for wide range of chemical and life sciences species.

Phil Mortimer, PhD 410-516-5552
Chemistry NMR

Chemistry NMR core facility has 300 and 400 MHz NMR spectrometers with many 1D and 2D experiments for a variety of different nuclei.  We also have an EPR spectrometer, FTIR, and Polarimeter.  These are all walkup instruments requiring proper training. Services are available, see website for details.

Joel Tang, PhD 410-516-7456
Chemistry X-Ray Facility
Chien Service Center

Chien Service Center provides, to qualified users, the collection of sophisticated experimental instrument that are essential for fabrication and characterization of nanostructured materials.  This synergistic sharing of equipment also provides an avenue for interdisciplinary collaborations.

Yufan Li, PhD 410-516-8092

Dan Reich, PhD 410-516-7899
Computational Medicine Core

Pawel Kudela, PhD 443-287-8637
Graphic Arts in the School of Medicine

Karen Klinedist 410-955-0552
Helium Reliquifier Service Center

N.Peter Armitage, PhD 410-516-0214
IV Analysis Core

Joseph B. Margolick, MD, PhD, Facility Oversight 410-955-4825
Homewood Photography

Stephen Smee, PhD 410-516-7097
ICE Confocal Service Center

Stewart Neifert 410-614-3825
Image Stream

Joseph B. Margolick, MD, PhD 410-955-1436
Instrument Development Group (IDG)

Stephen Smee, PhD 410- 516-7097
JHU SOM Microscope Facility

Scot Kuo, PhD 410-955-4536
Johns Hopkins Biological Repository (JHBR)

Homayoon Farzadegan, MD, PhD 410-955-3786
MRI Research Service Center

Hugh Wall, RT, PH 443-504-9631
Multiphoton Imaging Core

The MPI Core provides advanced microscopy for multiple imaging approaches. Applications and eligibility questions? Contact the Core manager (Michele Pucak, or Center Director (Alex Kolodkin,

Dwight Bergles, PhD 410-502-7858
Murine Mutagenesis Core

The MMC produces engineered mouse models using ES cell and CRISPR techniques.  Applications and eligibility questions? Contact the MMC Director (Xinzhong Dong, or the Center Director (Alex Kolodkin,

 Xinzhong Dong 410-614-3858
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Research

Susumu Mori, PhD 410-614-2702
Parasite Core

George Dimopoulos, PhD 443-287-0128

Offers services & consulting for investigators interested in mathematical modeling of complex biological systems in health & disease. Models may be used to achieve quantitative understanding of and to generate hypotheses about disease mechanisms and treatments that can then be tested in lab/clinic.

Norman Barker, MS, MA, RBP 410-955-3843
PET Service Center

Michelle Willett 410-502-9008
Physical Sciences Machine Shop (PSMS)

The Physical Sciences Machine Shop provides custom machining services to the Kreiger School of Arts and Sciences, and the Hopkins community at large.  The shop consists of a suite of state of the art computerized machines and specializes in the manufacturing of complex parts for research instrume...

Dean Carpenter 410-516-7387
Radiology Research Core

Laurie Pipitone
Raman Spectroscopy Service Center

Raman Spectroscopy Users Center provides services on characterization of materials using Raman Spectroscopy.

Natalia Drichko, PhD 410-516-5390
Research Animal Resources

Provides husbandry, veterinary care, research support and research consultation for the University.  See web site at

Robert J. Adams, DVM 410-955-3273
SKCCC Bioinformatics Shared Resource (BISR)

The SKCCC Bioinformatics Core (BISR) has been integrated into the Experimental Computational Genomics Core (ECGC) you may access it here:

Helen Cromwell 410-955-4884
SKCCC Biostatistics Shared Resources (BiostaSR)

Current research activities include the design of clinical and preclinical studies, developing inferential models for studies of behavioral interventions, analysis of multiple outcomes, risk prediction algorithms for familial susceptibility, and applications of Bayesian nonparametric methods.

Helen Cromwell 410-955-4884
SKCCC Cell Processing & Gene Therapy (CPGT)

Victor Lemas, PhD 410-614-5411
SKCCC Cell Therapy Laboratory

Victor Lemas, PhD 410-614-5411
SKCCC Research Pharmacy
Small Animal Imaging

The small animal imaging core is part of the Miller Research Building small animal imaging service center:

Martin Pomper, MD, PhD 410-955-2789
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Research

Susumu Mori, PhD 410-614-2702
Synthesis and Sequencing Facility

For more than 30 years the dedicated staff of the SSF has been assisting the Johns Hopkins research community with their Sanger sequencing, peptide synthesis, oligonucleotide synthesis, N-terminal sequencing and more recently MiSeq sequencing.

Jodie Franklin, BS 410-955-2739
Wilmer Imaging and Microscope Core Facility

Provides shared microscopy equipment, including Zeiss confocal and multiphoton microscopes, Hitachi TEM, Leica ultramicrotomes, cryostats, and Imaris image processing software, to faculty and staff of the Wilmer Eye Institute.

Mary Ellen Pease, MS 410-502-1263
Zebra Fish Core Center (FINZCenter)

FINZ is your entry point for all things zebrafish. Services include, but are not limited to: housing, transgenesis, genome modification, and large-scale chemical and genetic screening. Please contact us with any questions about how zebrafish can advance your research program.

Steven Leach, MD 410-502-0157
Welch Library

Welch Library provides professional information services, including expert literature searching, systematic review participation, curriculum and online instruction, collaboration on grants and research projects, data management, research impact metrics, and guidance to disseminate scholarly work.

Blair Anton, MLIS, MS, AHIP 410-502-7571